It is the food (Weigh In Day: 2/18/11)

Well, clearly it is about the food. According to Sparkpeople, I need to workout for 180 minutes a week and burn 1460 calories a week to lose 1 pound a week. This week I did 181 minutes and burned 1605 calories and yet I gained 2.2 pounds. Any other week, this would send me into a tail spin of over eating and just not caring. But, I’m so proud of myself for the exercise I did!! It wasn’t by much, but I met and exceeded my goals for the week!!!! 

So what can I do?
   * Continue working out just as hard through this next week
   * Track my calories (as you can tell, my posting of food has been non-existent lately and it’s because I have     been pretty lazy about tracking anything and just eating what I wanted.
   * Post daily.
Last Week: 207.2
Today: 209.4

7 thoughts on “It is the food (Weigh In Day: 2/18/11)

  1. Yes, it doesn't matter how many you burn if you consume more than that. Which we all know is really easy to do!Great job on the exercise – so many people struggle with that, so kudos to getting that part in the bag.

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