That’s what I have been this whole week. A giant, tv watching, hibernating bumsickle. Thanks to that *special* time of month and too much snow, I haven’t wanted to do anything this week and I feel so gross. Thankfully things are ending with the girly issues and if all goes well today I should be back on the road and out of this house by later this afternoon!!!! I ventured outside yesterday for 2 reasons. 1. To document the snowfall and 2. To document what said snow fall did to my poor mom-mobile 😦

And then I saw on the news that more snow is coming Sunday/Monday. Blah.
As Spencer was cleaning off our cars on Thursday, he discovered the rear windshield of my van was completely smashed and ready to fall into the van at any given moment. When I got home Wednesday afternoon it was fine and intact, so we have no idea how this could have happened. Someone is supposed to come to the house today to replace it, hopefully it doesn’t take long!

About 3.2 seconds after I took this picture, it all fell in…all over the driveway and into the back of the van. Fun times.


11 thoughts on “Bumsickle

  1. Eesh! Windshield fail! That's such a bummer. I hope it's not too much hassle to get it all fixed up. Eric's side window got smashed a few months ago from someone breaking into his car, and thankfully the guy that came for us was quick, cheap and did a great job, hoping the luck holds for you! And I hear ya on the time o' the month business, all I want is cheeseburgers! GAH!

  2. I was really worried that it was going to be around the $500 mark because it's a heated windshield, has the wiper on it…I was very pleasantly surprised that not only did they come to my house and fix it, but it was about $200 total.

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