I decided everyone else was doing it, it’s time I started using it šŸ™‚ I never really understood Twitter before, but when I logged on this morning, now I have *new* twitter….I like it!!! So, let’s be Twitter friends. Hopefully this link works:!/jenslosinit

We have the daughter’s birthday party today at the high school pool. It has water slides, little play area for the toddlers; should be fun!

To start the day right I got my booty handed to me on a plate thanks to Turbo Jam! I am so happy tomorrow is a rest day, I am so sore!!!

And for breakfast I had an egg white sandwich –

3Tbs. liquid egg white, cheese, english muffin
And 1 cup of plain yogurt topped with 1 cup of blackberries. Total Points+ for breakfast: 10. 21 left for the day.

9 thoughts on “Twitter

  1. When twitter first started I didn't get it either and I thought it was stupid, but actually its just the thing I've been wishing for since I was a kid. I always wanted to know what my favorite celebs were doing and where they were. Twitter fills this desire and I love it. I would never do it myself though unless I had fans or something.Welcome to twitter!

  2. I joined a few months ago and love it now! I was currently on team Facebook but now team Twitter all the way! I am following you-mine is TiffanyNicoPS–Love the pic of you on there!!!

  3. I didn't get Twitter until I joined either. And now I was EVEN more time on social media…but I don't forsee that changing anytime soon. :)I'm following you!

  4. I don't know the first thing about Twitter, but I have seen so many bloggers that have it. Is it difficult to navigate and understand? I swear it took me forever to first get comfortable with facebook! I am so technologically-challenged for my age! Ahhh!

  5. I didn't understand Twitter when it first came out, but the new Twitter is so much easier to follow and I'm 100% addicted!!! You'll love it :)Jen

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