Emerging From the Christmas Coma

I don’t know about anyone else, but I ate so much sugary foods last week, that by Sunday night I felt like I was in a sugar induced Christmas coma. My fingers were tight and swollen, even my legs were a little swollen. I was sluggish, bloated and just didn’t want to do much of anything! I woke up early yesterday morning and it felt SO good to sweat it all out!!! Trouble was, it’s been so long since I have worked out that I was spent after only 10 minutes.

Breakfast was an egg white/egg omelet with ham, a little cheese and a grapefruit on the side.

 For lunch, I had a delicious little veggie burger.

 With sliced kiwi on the side.

 Snack was inspired by Biz. Steamed apples with cinnamon. SO good and a perfect afternoon snack!

Dinner was un-pictured, but it was red beans and rice with a giant pile of broccoli on the side.


6 thoughts on “Emerging From the Christmas Coma

  1. Uuuugh I know exactly what you mean! I have been in a sugar coma for the last week and have been feeling super gross. Your meals look awesome though! Especially the veggie burger 🙂

  2. I have totally conquered my sugar habit…or I thought so until I saw a plate of sugar cookies. I felt so gross afterwards! Sugar is really something I need to stay away from!!Nothing like a veggie burger and the gym to get you through the hangover though!!

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