The Tummy Is Happy Today!

First, some blog business. I have been the worst weight loss blogger. Ever. Since my Dad died in April, I have gained almost 30lbs. I really never thought I was an emotional eater, I KNOW I am now. I want healthy to be my new normal instead of eating garbage and whatever is fast and easy to eat. I hate what I have done to my family. I want them to be happy and healthy and the things we have all been eating will not allow any of us to be happy and healthy!

I LOVE numbers, lists and cute little tickers to reach my goals. I also need daily accountability or the weight loss will not happen. I know some people say to eat healthy and exercise to feel better and not to worry about weight loss, but when you have nearly 100 lbs to lose, you HAVE to keep track of things. I realize that and I’m truly ok with it, in fact, I’m excited about it. So, starting tomorrow I will be keeping track of my weight, water intake and exercise minutes and reviewing these weekly. I can use all the support I can get!!

For breakfast today I had two slices of whole grain toast with butter, sprinkle of flax seed and poached eggs.

And a perfect little plum to finish off the meal.

Lunch was courtesy of My BlogSpark. A few weeks ago I received a package with this adorable soup cup and two different soups from Progresso.

I have never been a huge fan of tomato soup, but this was really good! I loved the chunks of tomato pieces in the soup and I loved how thick it was. And it was only 200 calories for the whole can of soup (100 calories for 1 cup) I will definitely buy this one in the future. I paired it with a grilled cheese sandwich using Muenster. I love this cheese!!!

Dinner was a HUGE success! It’s very rare that everyone likes dinner every night, but tonight, there were no tears and everyone was full of smiles 🙂 The hit of the meal were these potatoes. Wow. Wow. Wow. I got the idea from Yes, I Want Cake, I love her blog! She always has the best meal ideas!!! Once I read about cooking potatoes this way, I knew I needed to try it!

1. The bottom of your potatoes is the flattest part. Then you just peel the top of the taters.

 2. Make little slats all the way across the top of the potato, make sure you don’t go all the way through, I just cut down to where the skin was still on. Drizzle with olive oil and whatever seasonings you want. I use Mrs. Dash Italian Seasoning this time. Then you cook them for 1 hour at 400 degrees. I took them out with about 5 minutes left because they were starting to get really crispy on the top.

 3. They come out looking like a little pocket of heaven! Once they came out, I put a bit of sour cream on top. SO flipping good!!!

I served this with the husband’s favorite; steak and the kiddies favorite vegetables; green beans. It was a happy night in our house 🙂


11 thoughts on “The Tummy Is Happy Today!

  1. Hi Jen. I agree with keeping track. It keeps me on track and lets me know what I need to change. I just learned that lesson recently. Glad I did because 5 months of no movement on the scale was getting to me! Its nice when you can look back on things and see. Good for you and I am glad you are back!Jennifer

  2. What yummy looking food – especially the potatoes and the breakfast. I lost my father April 1st this year and since then I have not been serious about my weight loss. I put on about 5 or 6 additional pounds but I was already struggling. I decided to get serious again today and be accountable. I saw your post and it felt like a confirmation. I am sorry for the loss of your father, I know how it feels. I am glad I found your blog – keeping track is essential for me because I have a selective memory when it comes to some things, and I also have denial..

  3. After going through something as major as losing a parent (I lost my dad almost a decade ago and it still rears it's ugly head at times, esp around the holidays) it's hard not to end up reacting in slow, subtle ways like not eating well, etc. Totally totally understandable. But good for you for maintaining the blog anyway and for your honest and positive post today! You will totally get to where you want to be!Oh, and your food made me drool 🙂 I totally have to try making potatoes that way!

  4. I think tracking what you eat, exercise and how you feel is extremely helpful when first embarking on a big weight loss goal. You will be able to see patterns in your eating and lifestyle choices and hopefully be able to learn what your triggers are and how to effectively handle them. Grilled cheese and tomato soup is simply one of the best and most comforting meals ever!

  5. I love Progresso Tomato Basil (I think that is it's official name) Soup. I didn't know about this new low sodium Tomato Parmesan kind, however…so now I want some.To be honest, though, my standard "tomato soup" is just a can of diced tomatoes that I heat and mash up in a sauce pan.What can I say? I like a lot of texture (aka "chunkiness") in my soup. And the cheaper price tag.

  6. Good for you for getting back on track and knowing what you need to do! I wish you lots of success.That tater looks fabulous! I've been craving one all day but dont have any on hand and was not trying to get an order of french fries somewhere!

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