November Goals

I did make October Goals, but I failed so miserably, let’s just move on! I had some issues with my scale, the battery was dying and I cried. I put the new battery in, re-set the scale and tested it with a new bag of sugar…100% correct. So I stood on it; and one of two things happened 1. I gained 6lbs in 6 days or 2. The scale was way off because of the battery and needing to be re-set. I sucked it up and decided no matter what happened, that was the weight it was giving me and I needed to just use it and move on. That weight on Sunday morning was 205.6 and this morning was 203.2 so I’m happy πŸ™‚

Here are my November goals. I’m doing these goals with Jennifer over at We Can Lose The Pounds. If you have never checked out their blog, you should!! Jennifer always gives such great support πŸ™‚ Plus she has an awesome name πŸ˜‰

1) I will exercise 5 times a week.
*I’m going to do a full 90 day round of Turbo Jam

2) I will journal my food and count calories.
*I need to track ALL calories, no matter what! Just because I splurge on one meal does NOT mean the whole day is *shot*

3) I will not eat any sugary snacky treats.

4) Between now and Thanksgiving I would like to exercise 300 minutes.
*NO excuses!!

5) I would like to lose one pound per week.

6) I will drink at least 100 oz of water each day.

7) I will eat no more than two pieces of pizza for dinner on pizza night. Period.
*HUGE problem for me!!!

And now some awesome foods I had yesterday! This bowl of oats was so dang good, I wanted it x3! After the water boiled, I added the oats and sliced banana. This made the oats so creamy and little pockets of banana goodness in almost every bite!! Then I topped them with a little brown sugar and a tablespoon of craisins and dried blueberries.

 Unbelievable. Every bite. Delicious!!!

 These little beauties also made an appearance at dinner! My plan was to make pumpkin pancakes, but the troops revolted. Loudly. Instead I made some plain, some with chocolate chips and some with blueberries. So good!!!


13 thoughts on “November Goals

  1. We can totally do this! Its great to have support and someone to run things by, isnt it? Check your email…just ran some thoughts by you! So…here we go. No turning back! This experience is what we make of it. So lets go full speed ahead. Jennifer

  2. I love your November goals – have you tried the PX90 yet?? I've seen the commercials and it looks bad ass!My husband cannot stand breakfast for dinner, so whenever he would travel, that's the first thing my daughter and I would have for dinner! :DLove your goals – we are going to kick the holiday seasons ass! πŸ˜€ (sorry Jesus!)

  3. You SO have this! Stay strong, stick to your goals and then you can splurge at Thanksgiving. Your oats look DELICIOUS! Yum! Sometimes I wish I could eat them breakfast, lunch and dinner! πŸ˜‰

  4. Journaling everything I eat is one of my November goals, too. I was getting a little off track, and eating a piece of candy and not calculating it in. So now anything that I eat or drink is written down.

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