October Recap

My weight on October 1 was 229.6.  Today my weight was 222.7.  I lost 6.9 pounds.  I exercised 1570 minutes, far surpassing my all time high from before.  I exercised pretty consistently this month and really upped my intensity of the workouts by adding in the running.  I didn’t make it to the gym today.  I really wanted to run outside but it was raining and it kind of fouled up my exercise.  I have started to run a little further, and my goal is to run 30 miles in one month.  Stay tuned!  I can run/walk a 5k without stopping.  If I get tired I just walk but I DO NOT stop.  I used to have to stop a few times to stretch my calves but not anymore!  Soon I hope I won’t even have to walk.

I also have been taking my measurements every 2 weeks.  In 2 weeks I have lost 5.5 inches off of my body.  I have been taking measurements for one year.  In that year, I have lost 28.75 inches off my body!!!!

My goal is to make it through Halloween weekend without gaining too much weight!  I will begin my exercise again on Monday.

My goals for November are to lose 4 pounds and exercise 1250 minutes, and to look even better in all my skinny jeans—which all fit me now, by the way!!!!


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