I’m Not Perfect

It’s time to get real. I’m not perfect. I’m overweight, heck may as well say it out loud…I’m obese. A word I never thought I would hear again. I’m at a weight right now that I never thought I would see again. 3 years ago I was at this very weight and it scared me. It still scares me! This is a weight loss blog and it’s time I start treating it like that! I’m not a perfect healthy eater all day every day, I try, but the days I don’t eat perfectly I feel like I have *failed* somehow and therefore stop posting. From now on, I will be posting everything, the good, the bad, and *gasp* the really ugly; which I’m sure will happen. I’m human. I’m not perfect. I confess to eating fast food, do I need to cut down? Absolutely. Do I need to stop? Of course, but will I be able to never consume fast food again, probably not, and that’s ok with me! I love reading healthy blogs about people I admire and one day I hope to be like them and my blogs will be as full as all of the goodness that they post, for now, I need to concentrate on me. I need to take this one day, one meal, and one snack at a time. So this is me. I’m hoping you will join me on my journey to finding a new and improved Jen. It could take awhile, but I will get there! My first goal is to get under 200 pounds.


7 thoughts on “I’m Not Perfect

  1. I'm rooting for ya! Losing weight is never easy (or fun) but don't give up on yourself! It IS possible, and you CAN do it.No one is perfect and everyone feels like a failure at times but it's those failures that we can learn from! Try to remember all the accomplishments in your life– just look at your beautiful family! You'll get there: just take it one day at a time. 🙂

  2. Hi Jen. Your post speaks right to my heart. I have been there hundreds of times. Here is what I have found. Losing a few lbs (and then regaining over and over again)was not enough for me to see a big enough difference to realize I didnt want to go back. And my end goal seemed so far away. But… Once I got a chunk of weight off (I was up around 230ish when I started) is when the REAL CHANGES started for me. It was at that point when I saw the NEW ME, the NEW JEN. My sizes started changing, my attitude was better, I fit better in the car, I could RUN!!!!!!, etc….Then I knew I didnt want to go back, ever. So, my advice would be to take baby steps. Instead of looking at the end goal weight, enjoy the little victories along the way. It is those victories that will keep you going. The first several lbs is the hardest but once you get a chunk off and see the new Jen and the changes in you, you will see what I mean. I hope this helps. I have confidence in you!!!!!!!!YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!Jenniferhttp://wecanlosethepounds.blogspot.com/

  3. You can do this. Anything is possible. You need to take small steps. I am pretty sure you know what to do, it is just a matter of doing it. But the longer you stick with it, even if the scale doesn't move, the easier it gets, and you will eventually see results. I promise. You need to make taking care of yourself a priority. Yes, there are many other things to worry about and do, but once you start taking care of your self, it will all fall into place. You will see. As far as exercise, you have to start somewhere. Take Aiden along with you and run around a park in the stroller bribing him with play time when you are done. WHen it is nasty, do your tons of videos. No one is perfect and everyone who loses weight has to start somewhere. So let today be your somewhere. Put music on your ipod that reminds you of dad, and let him be your motivation. Pretend like he is running along side of you, and know how proud he is of you.

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