Hello October

Well now that I’ve figured out why I haven’t been losing weight, can’t believe it was so simple to figure out; anyway, it’s time to get my bootay in gear!!!

October 1st Weight: 201.8
Neck: 14.5″
Chest: 44.5″
Waist: 42.5″
Hips: 45″
Thighs: 24″, 24″
Calves: 15″, 16″
Biceps: 14″, 14″

I am really embarassed to admit these measurements and quite frankly, I’m disgusted. Here are my goals for the month:

Weight: Under 195
Water: 2-3 liters a day (64-96oz)
Calories: Stay within my calorie range (1200-1580)
Exercise: 500 minutes (month)

I have my exercise planned for the next few months (using the DVD’s I currently own); here is my schedule from today until next Friday. WATP is Walk Away the Pounds and TJ is Turbo Jam.

Friday: WATP: 5K with a Twist (Done)
Saturday: TJ: Punch, Kick & Jam and TJ: Ab Jam
Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: WATP: Walk & Jog
Tuesday: TJ: Cardio Party #2
Wednesday: WATP: Walk & Firm
Thursday: TJ: Cardio Party #3
Friday: WATP: Walk Away Your Hips & Thighs and Power Sculpt


2 thoughts on “Hello October

  1. I compared our measurements and we're almost the same size (although I'm not sure how tall you are, I'm 5'8") and I weight 10 lbs more than you:Neck 15.25Chest 45.75Rt Bicep 14.5Rt Bicep Flexed 15.5Waist-Narrow 38Waist-BellyButton 41Hips 45.5Rt Thigh 25Rt Calf 16Wrist 6.5Keep it up!

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