Amazing(Grass) Smoothies!

Over the past couple of days I have made two smoothies using similar ingredients, dang good I tell ya!!! If you have any doubts about buying Amazing Grass, there is a solution! Click on the GET YOUR GRASS ON link to your right and order the sample box, it’s $2.99 and you can sample the amazingness of this product!

I used different Amazing Grass Meals, the first one is Pomegranate Mango
Mixed with a banana and Vanilla Almond Milk
And the 2nd smoothie was the Amazing Grass Original Blend
Mixed with Vanilla protein powder, Vanilla Almond Milk, a banana and a scoop of Crazy Richard’s Creamy Peanut Butter
Both smoothies were delicious, but I think my favorite one was the smoothie I added the peanut butter too…but that could be because I have a slight obsession with nut butters! 

Don’t delay, buy some Amazing Grass today, you won’t be disappointed!!!

Oh and don’t forget to enter the Jay Robb Protein Powder Giveaway!!!! I will be choosing a winner tomorrow, here’s the link:


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