Produce Day!

I’ve mentioned it before, it’s a pretty long drive, especially with a two year old in the car, but the prices and the variety make it worth it! After toddler man and I dropped off the two oldest, we headed off to Randazzo’s. and we stocked up on fruits and vegetables. I brought home 6 bags stuffed full and spent $25. You can’t beat it!! 

For lunch I had another kitchen sink salad
In the bowl:
*Romaine Mix
*Chopped purple onion
*Sliced Tomato
* Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Dinner was simple, yet delicious!!
Kielbasa/Potato Dinner:
* 1 Package Kielbasa, sliced
* Sliced potatoes
* Onions
*Green Peppers
Served with mixed vegetables on the side

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