Crazy Day!!!

Yesterday was a crazy, busy day and my camera sat lonely all day long 😦

We woke up early so I could drop off the monkeys with the babysitter and I went to the dentist for what was supposed to be a permanent filling for my root canal I had done a couple weeks ago. This tooth is going to be the end of me! I had noticed that for a couple of days, the crown that was on the tooth seemed loose. Long story short, I had a crown on the tooth already, so when they did the root canal, they just drilled through the middle of that crown. So he took it off and I need a new crown ARGH!!!! But, I have already used almost all of our dental insurance benefits for the year, so I’m looking at nearly $1,200 for a new crown right now. I laughed.  Instead, he cleaned and shined the old one and re-cemented it back on and it should last 6 months, my insurance resets in January, so it just has to last until then and then my insurance will cover the new crown…problem solved 🙂 For now!! 

Picked up two kiddies, had lunch with my mom, and then put the toddler down for a nap while I took the older 2 to meet the teacher day at their school. That’s when it hit me that my baby girl is going to start Kindergarten!!!!! I almost cried :(, but she was so nervous I left a happy smile on my face.

After that we dropped off the oldest at my brother’s house so he could spend the night and then go with him to the campsite this morning.

We are supposed to leave sometime this morning to go camping, I still have to pack…

I’ll be taking my laptop with me, and I’m hoping for way less drama this camping trip!! Have a great weekend 🙂


5 thoughts on “Crazy Day!!!

  1. I hate the dentist! Sorry youre having to deal with that. And I will be a wreck when my little girl starts kindergarten. She's only just turning 2 but I already think about it. LOL

  2. I know the feeling. my little girl starts preschool next week. tonight she had a little dance recital and I was in tears. it was so precious!about the tooth…i hear ya… I just finished a root canal that has been going on for over a year now… hang in there!Jennifer the new blog look.

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