Sleeping Bear Dunes

Spencer, the kids and I drove about 2.5 hours north yesterday to see more dunes. Sleeping Bear dunes are for walking/hiking only and they are gorgeous. Lake Michigan there is so breathtakingly beautiful, my camera doesn’t even do it justice…but I tried!!!

This was at the dune climb, they had fun going up and down the sand


450′ down to the lake. The kids BEGGED me to go all the way down, but there is no way I could have made the climb back up!! That’s my goal for next year.

Crazy huh?!

This is Glen Lake, I love it!!!! It’s so crystal clear, Love!!!

The next series of pictures…we are dorks LOL!!!

I was trying to get them to pose…

On the camera, this didn’t look as cool, but I love how it turned out!!


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