Storms Storms Storms!

Generally, I like a good ol’ fashioned thunderstorm, bring on some lightning, thunder and rain…but when it’s a severe thunderstorm, I get a little freaked! All day yesterday we had watches for severe storms, warning of an impending severe storm and then it hit. O.M.GOSH! Crazy!!! Our house was shaking from the thunder! I was so happy when it was over!!

Breakfast yesterday was a huge, juicy grapefruit

And 2 slices of toast topped with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter

Look what was hanging out in our yard late in the afternoon!

The mama and her baby stayed for a few minutes munching on the grass, so cute!
For dinner we had roast beef that cooked in the crock pot all day, wow it smelled AWESOME, and then I made roasted potatoes

First, I coated the taters in Pomace Oil

Then topped with steak seasoning and onion powder

Covered and ready for the oven (425 for about 40 minutes)


My plate:

With some broccoli

My plate:

We found this little guy hanging out by the front door before we went to bed, cute huh?


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