Heat Wave

I do not like hot weather, anything above 80-85 I get cranky and just want to be inside where it’s cool. The remainder of the week here in Michigan has our temps hovering around the 100 mark and super high humidity. So gross. I hate it.

For breakfast I was all excited to try a green monster, and then realized my spinach was all gone 😦 So I went with a strawberry/banana smoothie and added in a scoop of vanilla protein powder.

We were out grocery shopping and our plan was to go home for lunch, but it was running late. We drove through McDonald’s and I had a grilled chicken salad…I forget what the husband got.

Mid-Afternoon I was feeling really hungry so I had a nectarine. Totally hit the spot!

Dinner is un-pictured, but I’m pretty sure I gained about 5lbs eating it anyway. My MIL made a lasagna and homemade cheese breadsticks. Totally delightful, but I could feel myself getting heavier eating it!


One thought on “Heat Wave

  1. Hi Jen. Anything Italian like that sits heavy in there making you feel like you gained 5 lbs but i am sure you didnt. That stuffed feeling goes away! I love Italian food…yummmm. I agree about the heat. We just got central air and I am loving it!!! We are having this same heat wave and 95 today is a bit too much for me too! Hang in there and utilize that pool you show in your pics! Wish I had one!Jenniferhttp://wecanlosethepounds.blogspot.com/

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