Monday Monday

Sorry, it’s early and I’ve got nothing for creativity this morning LOL! Nothing exciting happened yesterday, just a morning of running errands and did some laundry in the afternoon…awesome.

Breakfast was an egg sandwich: english muffin, pepper jack cheese, slice of ham and an egg

And a nectarine

Lunch was PB&J on toasted millet bread and a giant bowl of sliced vegg (carrots, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes)

Snack was Yoplait Greek Strawberry yogurt. Not terrible, but I prefer Oikos or Fage Greek Yogurt.

Dinner is un-pictured, but we had omelettes, turkey sausage links and toast.


11 thoughts on “Monday Monday

  1. Yummm….the food looks good. I eat the greek yogurt too…for the extra protein. I was pretty shocked the first time I had it how sweet is WASNT! But I like the extra protein so I eat it. I am going to have to try the other brands. Jennifer

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