Poolside :)

There are some days that I really miss my previous life of working in an office, but days like yesterday make my new job as a SAHM totally worth it 🙂 We did a few chores in the morning then packed up and went to my Mom’s house for the day.

For breakfast I had Krema crunchy on millet bread with some blackberry jam.

I love how it just melts off the edge of the bread. Bliss.

Lunch was broccoli slaw mixed with chopped bell pepper, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes. I added a little shredded cheese and balsamic vinaigrette right before eating.

And then a yummy, crunchy pickle on the side.

Did I mention I was eating this poolside 🙂

For a snack I had a slice of bread with more Krema crunchy (I can’t guarantee how long this jar is going to last!!!)

And a plum

While T and K noshed on some grapes:

Awww – Summer vacation is rough on them:

We are headed back to the pool today! Have a great day 🙂


8 thoughts on “Poolside :)

  1. I am wishing I had a pool. But we are getting central air tomorrow and that is as close as we will get!!! Oh…and your food looks yummy!At first I read your SAHM comment and I was like, what job is that? It took me a minute then I felt stupid…I am a SAHM too! hehe.Jenniferhttp://wecanlosethepounds.blogspot.com/

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