Dear Dad

Dear Dad,
Today is our first Father’s Day without you. My heart is aching because I miss you so much. I want nothing more than to show up at your house today and see you outside by the pool working on it, hanging out by the grill with the boys or even laying on the couch watching your favorite shows. I hate that to visit you now, I have to sit on the grass while you sit 6 feet below me. I hate that I can’t call you when I’m having a hard day or call you when the kids did something only you would find funny.

I’m really trying to stay positive and not be so sad, but days like today are the hard days. I need you to help me through it. I need you to somehow keep me strong. I need you.

I was at the store yesterday and I saw so many cards that would have been perfect to give to you, instead today you’ll receive flowers on your grave.

I miss you so much Dad. I love you with all my heart. Happy Father’s Day.


3 thoughts on “Dear Dad

  1. Oh, this post makes me so sad. Visited your blog for the first time. My dad is getting old and is at present visiting me (he lives out of country). Your post makes me want to go and hug him today. (((Hugs)))Sara

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