Not So Good Lately

I have no idea what my weight is these days. I’m scared to look. I’ve hardly been going to the gym and eating crap. Ugh. But each day is a new day, a day that I try harder.

For breakfast today I had:
3 egg whites scrambled on a piece of toast with some sharp cheddar and sliced tomatoes underneath the eggs.  I also sprinkled some lemon pepper on the eggs while they were cooking.  I had some fat free cheese but someone ate it.  Don’t know why but it was wrong, just wrong. 
For lunch I had:
A greek salad (sort of).  Lettuce, tomatos, cucumbers, carrots, lots of fat free feta, some banana peppers, and light champagne dressing.  And I’m off to the gym right now for a lunch time work out.
Dinner I didn’t plan.  This is my downfall.  Not planning meals sabotages me.

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