I’m On My Way Back

Feeling like it’s ok for me to start living and taking care of myself again. I have been trying to come up with a plan of attack to get the weight off that I have gained these past 8 weeks on top of the weight I already needed to lose. This isn’t going to be easy!!!
For breakfast this morning I had Special K with strawberries and 1% milk
I bummed around the house for awhile and then realized Tyler only had a 1/2 day today and I wanted to get groceries before he got home so we rushed out of the house. When we got home I had a dee-lightful spinach wrap from Trader Joe’s and chicken salad; also from Trader Joe’s.
Dinner was a recipe I pretty much made up, but it was so good!!! I’ll call it Pierogie Casserole. It was one package of potato/cheese pierogies, chicken and apple sausages and some five cheese marinara sauce.
Step 1: Cut and brown sausages:
While those are cooking, arrange your pierogies (keep them frozen):
When sausage is brown, add 1/2 jar of sauce and heat to a boil:
Add the meat and sauce to the dish, top with remaining sauce, top with cheese and then bake at 350 for about 30 minutes.
Oh, almost forgot! I did Turbo Jam: Ab Jam for a workout this morning. Nothing too strenuous. I haven’t exercised in 8 weeks, so I really need to take it easy.

6 thoughts on “I’m On My Way Back

  1. Jen: Thank you! I got it Wal-Mart for $1. I also got the matching plate and a cup :)Tiffany: Thanks! The dinner was really good and easy, I'll be adding it to our rotation.

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