Am I a Runner?…

My brother and his girlfriend offered to take the kids to my old gym to go swimming and I said I would go and workout. I was a little nervous since I haven’t been on an elliptical or treadmill since I left that gym (it will be 3 years in June). I had planned on doing 15-20 minutes on the elliptical and then do another 15-20 on the treadmill. I got on the elliptical and just started running (the incline was only around 4, and the resistance I alternated between 3-4), so it wasn’t like I was sprinting, but it was just like the old days and it felt AWESOME! After 20 minutes, I thought hmm, I can just keep going, so I did! I ended up going about an hour ( I didn’t know they closed for an hour every day..) and did like almost 5 miles and burned I don’t know how many calories (I forgot to look). I was a hot sweaty mess after, but I felt amazing!!!

This gym is not in our budget and where we live it’s too far away to go every day, but it did give me the confidence and motivation I so desperately needed. I’m really thinking I should give running a try now, I have a double stroller, so why not right?!

Now, onto the eats 🙂 Breakfast was 2 slices of millet bread (if you haven’t tried it yet, DO IT NOW!!!) with chunky peanut butter

And then had grapefruit slices with 1 teaspoon of sugar

After the gym, I was starving! Thankfully I thought I ahead and brought a green(ish) monster with me.

For lunch I had a small baked potato with broccoli and cheese. Perfection.

Later for a snack I tried a new snack bar, it was ok, but I like the Clif and Lunabars much better

Dinner is unpictured but it was chicken and rice casserole with chopped broccoli.


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