Rainy Rain Day

Tuesday and Wednesday was rainy and stormy, and with spring break under way, the monkeys have been NUTS!!!

Breakfast was toaster waffles topped with the last of my beloved Almond Butter (*sniff*) and some more peach jam. This is pure fruit in a jar, I will never go back to regular sugar, HFCS filled jam again!!

And then I had a grapefruit topped with Truvia

Instead of going to the library, where I feared what would happen to the shelves of books with 3 cooped up kids, there was a small lull in rain and I met my Dad at this outdoor skating rink. It’s an ice rink in the winter, skating rink in the summer, completely free and first come, first serve kind of thing. We only had about 20 minutes and the sky opened up again, but the kids LOVED it and got rid of some very pent up energy…good for all of us 🙂 We then went to my parent’s house where Papa got McDonald’s for the kids and I had some more TJ’s gourmet chicken salad

I piled it all on a spinach tortilla and topped with some sprouts

I ordered a fruit and yogurt parfait for myself, but after 2 bites I had to toss it. The yogurt was runny and the fruit tasted rancid. So sad 😦

On our way home I had a delicious pink lady apple, hit the spot 🙂

Today I’m headed back to my old gym, I haven’t been there in 3 years. I have a feeling I’m really going to want a membership again, but that’s not even an option where we are living, so I’ll just enjoy my workout today 🙂 I’m thinking tread, elliptical and then do some weights. My monkeys will be swimming in the indoor pool with my brother and his girlfriend.


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