Is This Week Over Yet?!

While I really do love all 3 of my kids, Tyler (almost 8) being home this week is about to send me to the looney bin!!! I am SO SO SO sick of the constant ALL DAY fighting and arguing between the 3 of them!!! UGH!!!!! That being said, I’m very proud of myself for not giving in and eating my way through the week!!

Breakfast was a little something I like to call a PB&J Oatwich 🙂 It was oats, almond butter and peaches. Like heaven in a bowl!

At this point (about 8am) the 3 of them had already been up and fighting for about 2 hours so I decided to treat myself to something I picked up at Whole Foods on Monday:

When I bought this I was thinking it was going to be really sweet, but I was shocked at how it wasn’t, it was so amazingly yummy! It had the perfect amount of sweetness and I felt truly hydrated after drinking it. It was a little pricey $2.70, but it was good for a little treat 🙂

For snack I had another Lemon Zest Lunabar, it’s quickly becoming my favorite flavor! I think I may like it better than Peppermint Chocolate!

At Trader Joe’s on Saturday I saw some Gourmet Chicken Salad in the deli section and it sounded so good I had to try it: in the mix was chicken, currants and almonds. I had 1/2 cup on a spinach wrap and topped with some alfalfa sprouts. Totally filling and delicious lunch combo!

Later in the afternoon I was really tempted to break out the easter candy, but refrained and had sliced cucumbers and baby carrots with laughing cow light.

I LOVE Mexican food, unfortunately my picky children generally do not so I don’t make Mexican dishes often. Last night I made tostadas and they were loved by all, even my pickiest, the 5 year old who doesn’t like anything. The first batch had refried beans and cheese

And then the 2nd batch had sliced chicken, steak, refried beans and cheese. I had one of each. We will be having this again!


5 thoughts on “Is This Week Over Yet?!

  1. Saw your blog on The Foodie BlogRoll and wanted to say welcome. Your tostadas look delicious and I am also a fan of the coconut water–the pineapple and peach/mango are my favorites.Aloha,Deb

  2. Tara: They were really good, everyone wants me to make them again!Deb: Thanks for the welcome 🙂 Ooo, I'll look for the peach/mango one next time!

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