Fake It Till Ya Make It!

This is my motto! I figure if I fake it every day that I know what I’m doing, maybe my body and scale will catch up 🙂 I don’t know what the crap is wrong with me, but I just can’t seem to have the desire to work out…like at all. Just don’t want to do it. I know I have to, I know, I just am in a huge rut right now. So, onto yesterdays eating 🙂

Breakfast was a new favorite of mine; waffles topped with almond butter and real peach preserves. Not sugar free and chemically filled, not the regular junk with too much crap in it, but real just peach yumminess 🙂

While out running errands I drove by Sonic, I haven’t been there in months so I decided a drink stop was in order 🙂 I got a large diet cherry lime-ade. YUM!!

For lunch I had a Thomas Bagel Thin topped with a Morningstar Turk’y Grillers, with a slice of cheese and sliced avocado, and then had vanilla Chobani topped with frozen cherries.

For snack I wanted carrots and decided to try a new flavor of hummus. 
The result:

So, I went with an old favorite: Laughing Cow Light

Dinner was my kids favorite meal: fried rice and chicken and vegetable potstickers


4 thoughts on “Fake It Till Ya Make It!

  1. I love carrots and hummus, but my gallstones don't love hummus. I had a really bad gallstone episode on Tuesday night, and I suspect it was because I ate too much hummus with my carrots. Should have stuck with Laughing Cow! 🙂

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