Meal Planning

Sundays are crazy around here. We have Church from 9-12 and it’s a 25 minute drive, so we are gone all morning and planning is key to my hunger!! On the way to Church I had a banana and a Kashi Go-Lean Chocolate Peanut Butter bar (the other bar pictured is the husband’s.)

On the way home I had a string cheese and a 100 calorie pack of dry roasted almonds…sorry pictureless. We had a simple lunch of pb&j and fruit and then it was nap time 🙂 Naptime on Sunday is when I do my meal and menu planning for the entire week. I have a notebook for my grocery list, planner that I write my meals, snacks and exercise plan for the week, and then my laptop with all my recipes in it 🙂

After naps we went to my parent’s house for weekly Sunday dinner. It was carb-a-licious! I was not in a meat eating meal so I skipped the pork chops and went with corn and my mom’s homemade mac&cheese. Bliss in a bowl!

Anyone else do weekly meal plans?


One thought on “Meal Planning

  1. Hi Jen,I'm Josh from Springpad. I came across your meal plan post and thought our product might help you. Springpad is a free application to save and use just about anything you want remember – notes and ideas, wine, books, restaurants, articles, etc. It's particularly useful for saving recipes from any website. With our web clipper, anytime you find a recipe you want to save, you can do so with 1 click. You can then personalize the recipes with your own notes, photos or videos. You can also use our free weekly meal planner located in the apps section of our website to drop any of your saved recipes into a meal plan and generate a complete list of ingredients, which you can then print or pull up on your phone. You can check it out at Hope this helps!

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