Non- Stop Kind of Saturday!

Yesterday morning started off nice and slow, I made waffles for everyone; ok, I took them out of the freezer and toasted them, whatever. Mine was topped with almond butter and strawberry jam and sliced bananas. YUM. And filling! I was barely hungry for lunch hours later!!

After breakfast we gathered the troops and went to pick up Spencer’s glasses that were done, then Border’s, Costco and Target before heading home so cranky toddler boy could take a much needed nap!!

Spencer and I then went to and adult’s only wedding reception, WOOHOOO!!! It was so nice to sit and enjoy a dinner without needing to worry about 3 other monkeys needing to eat at the same time. No one spilled anything, a meal without whining and crying…bliss!! My pictures are pretty craptastic because it was really dark in there, but on the first plate I had vegetables with a yummy spinach dip and some slices of fruit. They then had a pasta bar set up and a taco bar. Pasta and  I don’t mix, I tend to eat too much, so I went with the chicken soft tacos. Super yummy and SPICY!!

We picked up the kids around 8:30 came home and everyone crashed. Spence and I then layed in bed and watched New Moon! Love that dang movie 🙂

Are you a Twilight saga fan? Will you be going to see Eclipse when it comes out?


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