Like an Orange

It was so nice to get back to early morning workouts yesterday! Started off the morning with ChaLEAN Extreme Burn Circuit #1. I did it with 5lbs and while that used to put me into muscle failure didn’t!! So, it was time to move up and I bought 8lbs yesterday, exciting and terrifying at the same time!!

After my kick butt sweat session, I needed something substantial! I decided on a bagel thin, egg whites mixed with Cholula hot sauce and 1 oz of cheddar cheese which somehow got deleted off my memory card. I also had a grapefruit. Apparently I eat these wrong :/. I always eat mine like an orange and then sprinkle Truvia on top, but I guess the *right* way to eat them is in half. I hate eating them that way, you never get all of the pieces out!!

The 2 little kids and I decided that a park day was in order since the lovely mild 60 degree temperatures we are experiencing right now are going to plummet back to the 30’s tomorrow 😦 While we were there I had a Luna Cookie Dough Protein bar. Don’t have a picture of that, but here is a picture of the park we were at, they love this park!

Lunch was an attempt at using some leftovers from the night before. I had a bagel thin with leftover corned beef topped with mustard.

I also had a pickle

…and a plum

Dinner was a fend for yourself kind of night because we were in a rush, so no picture of my mess of leftover vegetables on a plate. Last night was the 2nd grader’s first music performance!! He was so nervous, but he did so good!!!

So, tell me, how do you eat your grapefruit? Like an orange or halved?


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