Weigh In Day: 2.23.10

I know everyone is sick of reading about my yo yo’ing, heck, I”m sick of posting about it!! I’ve said, I don’t even know how many times that *this is it, this is it.” So, I’m not going to say it, I’m just going to do it 🙂 My husband is getting on board with eating clean and we are in the process of cleaning out and replacing things in our pantry, fridge and freezer.

I haven’t been consistent lately, and that’s something I struggle with every single day. I’m a food addict, but by cleaning up my food habits, it is getting easier.

Last Week: 195.4
Today: 193.6

My goal for next week: 192


2 thoughts on “Weigh In Day: 2.23.10

  1. Congrats on the loss!!! I'm thinking about shooting my scale and burying it in my back yard. I hate that thing. >:-/I've been looking at the Chalean Extreme. Hope you post how you like it and what progress you see. I just started Turbo Jam 3 days ago. Doing that along with weight machines and Couch to 5k plus other cardio stuff. Surely I'll lose some more weight doing all of that?!!Keep it up. I can't wait to get to 193.I'm guessing you get the Eat Clean magazine? I'm making the Honey Mustard Chicken & RIce Pilaf tonight. 🙂

  2. I love Turbo Jam!! I'm going to be doing it along with ChaLEAN Extreme. My progress will be posted every step of the way :)Love Clean Eating magazine!! I just bought the Eat Clean Diet Recharged book; AMAZING!!!The chicken sounds yummy 🙂

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