Weigh In and Measurements (1.19.10)

 The second week slump is in full force! This would normally be about the time that I say forget this and give up! But, I know that this week is a bad week for people everywhere and my body is just protesting to the hard work and  clean eating 🙂 Too bad I’m not giving in!!! I had a small loss, but it was still a loss, so I’m happy. I’m going to work hard this week and hopefully have a big payoff next week 🙂

Last Week: 193.8
Today: 193
Total Loss: -.8

Neck: 14″  (Last Week14″) – 0
Chest: 40.5″ (Last Week 40.5″) – 0
Waist: 38″ (Last Week 39.8″) – 1.8
Hips:  43.2″ (Last Week 43.8″) – .6
L Thigh:  23.2″ (Last Week 23.2″) – 0
R Thigh: 24″ (Last Week 24″) – 0
L Calf: 14″ (Last Week 14″) – 0
R Calf: 15″ (Last Week  15″) – 0
L Bicep: 13″ (Last Week 13″) – 0
R Bicep:  13″ (Last Week 13″) – 0
Total Loss: -2.4″


One thought on “Weigh In and Measurements (1.19.10)

  1. Good job on the loss this week, and inches as well! Glad that you're going to stick with this! Some weeks we all have low losses or even gains, but that's what is supposed to happen! You just have to keep persevering and you will get there 🙂

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