Life Changing

My appointment yesterday clearly had life changing consequences, and I’m changing my life! I no longer have excuses, every day is a day I can change! Every day I have the opportunity to make healthy choices, drink water and move my booty 🙂

For breakfast, we had poached eggs on toast, so yummy and hit the spot, good for me and a little comfort mixed in.

For lunch we were out running around and there were no pictures involved…sorry! Early this morning I had a pork tenderloin calling my name, so into the crock pot it went, by the time we got home early evening, it smelled so dang good! I was making a yummy spinach salad and check out the size of this tomato, holy smokes!!! I only used a 1/3 of this dang thing and the salad looked as if it was overflowing with tomatoes!!

So, here’s dinner 🙂

After dinner, I did some 20 Minute Turbo and then 3T for 35 minutes. All kiddos are in bed now, and I’m heading to bed myself, good night bloggies 🙂

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