Friday Friday!

It’s amazing how just a few days of working out, drinking water and eating better can make you feel like a new person! I started my day with 20 Minute Turbo Jam and Ab Jam.

For breakfast I had a smoothie: 2 cups of frozen peaches, 1 banana, 2 scoops of vanilla protein powder, 1 tablespoon of almond butter and 16oz of water. YUM!

And then I was majorly disappointed in my lunch. Earlier in the day I took little monkeys to the store and saw a Smart Ones meal that looked really good! It was Chicken Bruschetta Flatbread

After the first bite, I thought hmmm not terrible, but it will do. I should have tossed it and not wasted 310 calories!!!! It kept getting worse with every bite, too many peppers, not enough chicken, sauce was terrible and the bread tasted it like it had been sitting at the bottom of my freezer for years.
I couldn’t wait for snack time!! I had 2 slices of turkey breast, some mustard and light string cheese.  So good and held me over through dinner.

For dinner we went to Red Robin; I ordered the Chicken Fajitas, my favorites!!! Sorry, no picture, my camera would not take a clear picture to save my life!! GRRRR…

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