Walking Away The Pounds

I have a massive collection of exercise DVD’s, and I’m trying to go through and utilize all of them. Some are way harder than others, so those are at the bottom of the stack, and the easier ones at the top so I can work my way up to the hard ones without getting overwhelmed and burnt out. Monday I started my day with a 2 mile Walk Away the Pounds DVD, with intervals of fast walking and jogging, it was perfect!
My breakfast was plain, lowfat yogurt topped with Trader Joe’s Pomegranate/Cranberry muffin and a sliced muffin.
My Mom and I had some errands to run and as I was waiting for my car to thaw from this…
I snacked on this πŸ™‚
For lunch I had Campbell’s Baked Potato soup, perfection!
And a cup of carrots with ranch dressing, the bottle had a little explosion on my plate, I ended up eating less than that.
Yummy yummy snack! Back to Nature White Cheddar Flax Seeded Flatbread crackers and a wedge of Sonoma Jack’s Parmesean Peppercorn. Perfect combo of crunchy and cheesy.

For dinner we had rotisserie chicken, sweet potatoes, spinach salad and green beans.


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