It’s getting easier

For some people, this time of year is a free for all, eat all you want, drink all you want, no exercise, and the classic comment “I’m eating all I can now before my diet starts on January 1st.” For me, this year is different. I have indulged in going out to eat, but thankfully, something in me has clicked and I don’t let it ruin my whole day. It’s all about balance!

For breakfast, I had an old friend; Cream of Wheat. I topped it with 2 teaspoons of pomegranate seeds, it was delicious.

Yesterday was Papa Day and that means McDonald’s for lunch. So, I knew I had to be prepared and not let myself be to hungry so I wouldn’t eat the entire restaurant! On the way to meeting my Dad at the library I had an apple pie Larabar.

Just like mom’s… satisfying as well as nourishing. Spiced with cinnamon and paired with juicy raisins, the apples deliver 3 grams of natural fiber. Almonds contribute Vitamin E and protein while the dates add 14 essential vitamins and minerals. Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids come from the walnuts. With all this goodness occurring naturally, you can eat Apple Pie every day!

For lunch I had a cheeseburger happy meal, sorry, forgot a picture!

Before we left for the day I put chicken breasts in the crock pot with BBQ sauce. Once we got home, I shredded the chicken and we had BBQ chicken sandwiches and a spinach salad. Mine was on an Ezekiel Sprouted english muffin and I also added edamame and pomegranate seeds to the salad.


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