Power Surge Thursday

It all started on Wednesday. We were getting this crazy 50+ MPH wind on top of snow (hello Winter!). Wednesday evening our lights suddenly got very bright, it was creepy and then our water pump died. Now we know that it was related, our area was experiencing a very strong power surge and the pump has a surge protection on it, so when that happened, it shut down to protect itself (so smart LOL). We all went to bed that night thinking everything was ok. Yesterday morning around 7, a bunch of plugs started popping, sirens were going off and then the whole house went black. We had a Sherriff and fire trucks patrolling our street shortly after that to make sure no one’s house was on fire because of the high intensity of the surge that had just went through the area. Thankfully, everyone and almost everything is ok. We lost 2 surge protectors; and let this be a lesson for everyone, surge protect EVERYTHING!!!! And we lost our DVD player, but it could have been SO SO SO much worse!!

After we took Tyler to school, Karlie, Aiden and I headed to my parent’s house to spend the day since we didn’t know when our power would be coming back on. According to the electric company, it wasn’t going to be turned on until sometime today, but thankfully it came on around 7pm last night…YAY πŸ™‚

All is secure and in working order today!! Have a good one and remember to make yourself proud today πŸ™‚


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