Back on Track :)

Today was a good day!! I’m trying to get away from the *good* food and *bad* food mentality, but it’s hard…really hard. I have some books I’m going to be reading on intuitive eating as well as compulsive overeating.

For breakfast I had my new love in life, Special K Chocolate delight and toast with cream cheese and sugar free jam.

A little while later I was hungry again, but instead of digging into the goldfish crackers (addictive little suckers!), I opted for some Greek strawberry yogurt…so yummy!

On Monday I went to Trader Joe’s and going by myself was a whole new experience from the first time I went a few weeks ago. I was able to go down each aisle, browse and didn’t have anyone with me to distract me, it was heaven 🙂 While I was there, I picked up these little beauties: Trader Jose’s Black Bean and Cheese taquitos.

Nutrition Information:

I had some for lunch today along with some leftover salad from the other night. These taquitos did not disappoint. They were so dang good!!

This meal carried me straight through to dinner, I love when that happens! For dinner we had sausage tortellini. I added some shelled Edamame to mine that I also picked up from Trader Joe’s.

And then we had green beans and some leftover dinner rolls.

All in all it was a good day 🙂 I didn’t get in any exercise, and only had about 32oz of water. But it was a much better day than I’ve been having! It’s only up from here on out 🙂


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