Back on Track Monday

My plan was to splurge a bit on Thanksgiving dinner, but stay on plan all day before and then jump back on plan the following day. It really didn’t happen. Yesterday I spent the day battling cravings, drinking enough water to drown a fish and trying not to think about how good the angus burger from McDonald’s was…

Exercise: Turbo Jam (20 Minutes)

For breakfast I had a Chobani Blueberry Greek Yogurt with some granola on top. This yogurt is so thick and yummy, it should be illegal how delicious it is!

For lunch, I went with an old stand by: Morningstar Farms Spicy Black Bean burger, it never disappoints! I tried some new cheese on my sprouted english muffin and this cheese was SO good! If you like Laughing Cow Light, you will LOVE this cheese!!

Here’s the nutrition information:

I also put some broccoli slaw on my burger and then had a yummy pickle spear to round things out.

For a snack I tried a new flavored Luna bar, it was the most delicious thing EVER!! Holy smokes, so good!!! Chocolate Peppermint Stick.

I got some samples in the mail today, I love samples 🙂

I’ll post a review once I taste them.

After I finished dinner, my oldest reminded me that I forgot to take a picture of my plate…but we had ranch chicken, potatoes and green beans. Yum!


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