Monday (11.16.09)

Morning Weight: 188.4
Water Intake: 64oz
Exercise: Turbo Jam Cardio Party (45 Minutes)

I have found that if I vary what I have for meals, I don’t get bored and stuck in a food rut, so I tend to vary things I have each day 🙂 For breakfast today I had 1 cup of Fiber One Honey Clusters cereal with 1 cup sliced strawberries and 1/2 cup of milk. I also had my morning vitamin and 32oz of water.

Monday is my grocery shopping day, so I headed to Whole Foods and Meijer. I forgot I was going to take my camera to Whole Foods today for the bulk aisle happy spot, but I forgot it :(. While I was there, I spotted this amazing Pad Thai dish:

Here’s a close up of the nutrition information:

So, once I was done shopping, I came home and had it for lunch along with my Cinnamon supplement.

I was pretty full all afternoon and really didn’t feel the need for an afternoon snack, that’s a first! For dinner, I tried a new recipe: Black Bean Soup and we had cheese quesadillas.

The soup was a hit, even my youngest ate it! We’ll be having this one again 🙂 My quesadilla was made with a sprouted grain tortilla, it was my first time trying it and it was really good!


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