Weigh In Day – September 18, 2009

Last Week: 195
Today: 195

That was a bummer, but here’s some good:

Last Week Body Fat: 42%
Today Body Fat: 41.5%


Neck: 14.” (last week 14.1″)
Chest: 41″ (last week 41″)
Waist: 37″ (last week 37.2″)
Hips: 41.8″ (last week 42.3″)
Thighs: L 23.5″ (last week 24″)
R 24.5″ (last week 24.5″)
Biceps: L 12.9″, R 13″ (last week 13″ both sides)

My foods were so not good last week, if I would have been able to eat as well as I worked out, I’m sure I would have had a great loss!!!

Here’s my exercise plan for the week:

Friday: Cardio Party 2
Saturday: 3T and Ab Jam
Sunday: REST DAY
Monday: Cardio Party 3 and Ab Jam
Tuesday: 20 Minute TJ and Turbo Sculpt
Wednesday: Cardio Party and Lower Body Jam
Thursday: Punch, Kick & Jam and Ab Jam


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