Weigh In Day: August 24, 2009

I have had some issue with my scale, it was broken, and then we have had family in town the past 2 weeks, so it has been crazy around here!! According to my Dr’s scale last Monday I was at 196, this morning I’m at 196.5 so that’s what I’m going with πŸ™‚

My exercise goal for August was to have at least 500 minutes, I have 232 right now. About a week ago, my SIL and I went for a long walk, I was wearing the wrong socks with my shoes and wound up with a big blister on each foot. My right foot is all better, but the left is messed up. When we got home, the top layer of skin was ripped off and I decided to put a blister healing band-aid on it…don’t ever do that with an open blister!!! It got really infected and I could barely walk on my left foot. It is doing better today, but when I walk on it for a long time, it starts to break open again 😦 I tried working out this morning, but a few minutes in, I had to stop. Hopefully I’ll be working out again soon!!!!


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