My Goals for August

With today the last day of July and getting heavier and heavier as time goes on, I have no choice but to stop being lazy and get this weight off once and for all!! I will be turning 30 September 9, 2010 and I will be at my goal weight on or before that date!

I think I am getting a pretty good handle on the eating part; thank you to South Beach!! Now, it’s time to get ready to exercise!

My goal for the month is to have at least 500 minutes of exercise, that is approximately 16 minutes per day. I don’t work out on Sundays, but even still, I should hit and pass my goal without issue!!

Tomorrow morning I will take a monthly picture and measurements…I’m worried!


One thought on “My Goals for August

  1. Hey Jen, keep up the determination! You WILL do this! 🙂 Have you ever taken a course at The Lord's Table course will hook you up with an individual mentor who will read your lessons every day and you will be accountable to them with how you eat and your weekly weight. I started being a mentor in January 2008 and I love it!

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