Going Back To Basics

I think my problem (well one of many) is that I’m trying to concentrate on changing everything all at once, I’m getting overwhelmed, quitting, and getting more and more frustrated. We are leaving to go camping on Saturday morning and will be gone until the following Sunday; I know that it’s going to be next to impossible to stay 100% plan, but if I focus my energy on trying to eat well, then at least I’ll be trying! Working out will be tough; lots of walking, but that’s about it. So, here’s my plan: Until we get back, I’m going to concentrate on the food basics, writing down everything, drink lots of water, and stay away from my trigger foods. When we get back, I’ll jump full force back into exercising and staying on my food plan. The hardest part for me is the eating, once I get that straightened out, exercising just fits right in. But, until I get my issues with food sorted out (and I have many!!), no matter how hard I work out, eating as much as I do won’t help!!


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