Weigh In Day ~ June 5, 2009 ~

I am this close to saying forget this and be done with this! I don’t get it!! I have been stuck at this weight since freaking OCTOBER!!! I get some momentum going, and then everything crashes and I gain weight.

I thought I had a really good week this week; I worked out every single day; my food choices weren’t superb, but I didn’t have an all out eating binge either. I am seriously SO frustrated right now!!!!

I guess I’ll just keep doing what I’ve been doing, but focus more on the food, I don’t know how much more exercise I can fit into a day. I am just hoping the scale starts cooperating with me….

Last Week: 183
Today: 188


One thought on “Weigh In Day ~ June 5, 2009 ~

  1. Hi Jen,It's Paulissa from Fundieters. Have you tried journaling your food for a while. You might be surprised to find you're eating too few calories which will slow down your weight loss.Sparkpeople has a great one and when you're done tracking for the day, will provide feedback on what nutrients, calories, sodium you did well on and what you need to work on. I find it helpful because I often eat too few calories but the wrong kinds of foods.Hang in there; you can do this!!! Btw, I love the blog.

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