Biggest Loser (April 14)

I found myself in tears through most of the show.

I’m glad Laura went home, obviously not being able to walk to the scale or even stand on two feet, she needed to go and take care of herself! I’m so proud of her for maintaining her loss while she’s been healing!!!

I am thinking Kristin is going to win the whole deal!! She was right on when said, I weigh 245lbs, most people START that weight when they come on this show!!! I was in shock when Helen lost 7lbs!! I was bummed Tara won the challenge, I was really hoping Filipe would win. I like Tara, but I was still rooting for a win for him 🙂

On to Captain Ron and his clan. Finally the beard is gone!!! I can’t STAND RON! Him and his snarky comments need to leave the show! Mikey looks great, I was in tears along with his younger brother 😦

As for the makeovers, I really liked Laura’s and Kristin’s new hair color ;0

Seriously, BEST SHOW ON T.V.!!! I love this show and look forward to it all week! I saw on a message board this morning that someone walks the entire show, what a great idea! I always record it so I can fast forward through the commercials, but I’m going to walk through it next week 🙂


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