A friend of mine told me about these podcasts that you can download off itunes for free. They are interval workouts for walking and running. I decided to try them out. I got the regular workout music mix first, and it was pretty good. So then I decided to give the intervals a try. I started with first day to 5k. I did that workout 3 times this week, and I also did the precor three times too. My fitness is increasing, but the scale is not budging. Totally disappointing. We have been going out to eat A LOT still and I know that is why I am not losing. I still am maintaining my loss at about 232 pounds, but I want to lose weight by our vacation to Michigan in July so that I don’t have to look hideous in a bathing suit on the sand dunes!

So, the eating out has got to go. I like cooking, but sometimes I am just so tired that I don’t want to. Going out is much much easier. I went to get a whole bunch of veggies the other day. Tomorrow is Easter, and I am having it here so I am in charge of the menu. Instead of having ham and artery clogging funeral potatoes as usual, we are having grilled chicken, rice, grilled asparagus, and salad. We are going to have deviled eggs, but I will make those using reduced fat mayo, and dessert is going to be a banana cake, and fresh strawberries. The banana cake is not healthy, because it has cream cheese frosting on it, but I am hoping that since there will be so many people here, that all of it will be gone. One piece and move on!!!

I also went to Target to get some new work out clothes, and that has helped with my motivation also. On the days that I remember to wear my pedometer, or I think about it, I have hit 10, 000 steps both days. One day was at the hospital when I was working, and then the other was yesterday when we went to the zoo. The activity is definitely not my problem, I like exercise, I just like to eat too.



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