I almost forgot. In June of last year, I went to my doctor to get a physical for school. My blood pressure was high, and it persisted through last year. The last time I went to see the doctor, in October, it was 155/90. Normal, or borderline normal, is 120/80. My doctor told me that if I didn’t lose weight or control my diet to bring it down, that I was going to have to go on medication. I never could find the time to make it to the gym last semester. This semester, even though I think it is definitely harder than last, I have made it a habit to continue to go to the gym. I bring my notes and study while I am on the elliptical or bike. Anyways, on Friday, I had to go to the doctor to get my last Hep B vaccine, and I had to get my blood pressure taken again. It was totally lower—130/90. It is still higher than she would like it, but I was so stoked that at least it was lower. I have 3 more months to bring it down to 120/80, and I am pretty confident that I can get there!!!!


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