Weigh In, 1/16/09

Previous week: 237.5 pounds
This week: 236.5 pounds
-1 pound, or 0.4%
Total change: -3.07%
I am not going to lie, I am disappointed, but not really surprised. Even those contestants on the Biggest Loser have a bad second week. I just have to keep on doing the right things and changes will come. I did make it to the gym three times this week though, even with the craziness of it all, and I walked with my friend yesterday for an hour.


One thought on “Weigh In, 1/16/09

  1. I hear you! I keep getting disappointed at the scale too, but you’re right, the more we stick to this, the weight is going to come off, and even Biggest Loser contestants have a crappy week sometimes.

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