Work Out and Food, 1/8/09

Today was really the day from hell, my blackberry took a crap on me and now all my phone numbers are gone. Normally, I would have treated myself to a nice, comforting meal but I didn’t have time because I had to work for “butt boy” and he was running late and I only had about 30 minutes for lunch.

So here is what I ate today:

1 cup Kashi go lean cereal
1/2 cup low fat milk
1/3 banana

Enormous salad with lettuce, chicken breast, carrots, bell peppers, a little dressing

Banana, string cheese, a little piece of Cabot 75% fat free cheddar before I went to the gym

Chicken cheesesteak wrap from the Biggest Loser cookbook and a couple of spoonfuls of Savannah’s mac n cheese from Trader Joe’s. I love that Trader Joe’s Diner mac n cheese, it is sooooo good. I seriously could have had the whole thing. But, alas, I refrained and put the leftovers in the fridge for tomorrow.

I am seriously contemplating having some smart pop microwave popcorn but I don’t want to retain water for the weigh in tomorrow morning.

Oh, the exercise. I told Bryan last night that I wanted to go to the gym after work, so I came home, made Savannah dinner, and changed and went. There is a 24 hour fitness about 2 minutes from our house so that is pretty convenient. After my stressful day, I really needed the gym and when I got home, I was in a much better state mentally. I did 45 minutes on the Precor elliptical and I was spent.

Tomorrow morning I will weigh myself, still hoping for a good number but I think I will be happy.


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