Weigh In! Yuck!

I weighed myself yesterday, and I am 242.5. Not good, but I lost 2 pounds, even with Christmas! And I hate my scale. I weighed myself 5 different times and got 5 different weights. I knew there was no way I weighed what it said!

Yesterday, I went on a walk with my friend and our girls with the strollers around Balboa Island and Little Balboa, with shopping mixed in. Totally fun. I was still sore from our hike and all that yard work, so I couldn’t push it too much, but I still felt pretty good. Bryan says it is a little more than 2 miles.

Today, we did the Lake Mission Viejo walk. It is about 3 miles, and we did it in an hour. I went to Grower’s Direct yesterday, I love that place, and I got all this fruit, veggies, salad stuff, and got rid of all the junk! I think I will do better with the food part if I just plan the meals better.

Tomorrow, I am taking a day off of exercise. But I might do the Wii fit….it is totally fun.


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